Who am I?

My name, as far as you know, is MrQuallzin. I am from Salem, Oregon. I like YouTube, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, twitter, tumblr, and Dr. Who.

What do I hope to achieve?

I want to be horse famous.
...In all seriousness though, I wish to further my career in video production using YouTube as the center of my business.

Do I only want to make videos?

Nope! I also hope to one day be invlolved in voice over work. I'd love to work in cartoons!

Who else am I?


This is an anime version of my Original Character, Pyro Feuer. I am also a jar of peanut butter.

What I [hope to] Do

A complete list of my hopes and dreams

  • Make funny YouTube videos
  • Create a capella music
  • Make people laugh
  • Find a career in video production
  • Become a voice over artist

What People Are Saying

Random mentions from my personal twitter.

  • "waoo"

    Rhomboid Online, DJ Horse
  • "perfect! Thanks!"

    Seifer Alberio, President of Tejas
  • "hahah good luck with that"

    Smartygoon, CFO of Smart Pants